Alien Invasion Flash Game

In my first year of university, there was a module called ‘Flash Creation’, in which we had to create a small flash game. The idea could be anything…. as long as you could code it!
I decided to pay tribute to the 16 bit era of gaming (such as the sega megadrive etc), and create a flash game based on this.
The game was called ‘Alien Invasion’, the story is that a lone space pilot has crashed landed on an alien planet and he encounters some familiar faces when he awakes. He must try and escape but the Aliens take his life!

You can play the game here:

I hope you like it.
I hope to create more mini flash games in the future, as i really enjoyed making this one.


Website Design Work

Last semester we have the module ‘Web Technologies’, where we was given a live brief to create a website for an already established company. The website had to include HTML, CSS and PHP code, and had to include features that the company were asking for.
The company i was given was ‘Taylored Gardens’ in High Peak. They are a small family business providing garden design and landscaping services.
This is there previous site:

They were asking for a revamp, as their current website did not suit their needs.
I wanted to make their website more fun to look at, yet keeping a professional feel too.
Here is the site i created:

It’s based around a ‘wood’ theme but has features such as a enquiry box, and comment box. Which the client did ask for, as they wanted feedback off their customers to show other potentials customers that they can do a good job (there is pictures of their jobs in the ‘Our Work’ section of the site).

I hope you like what i did with the site!
Please Comment Below

Shovel Short Film

Here is a short film that myself, Ben Leeming and Pieter Letson-Gamble wrote, produced and edited for a ‘Intermediate Video’ assignment at the University of Salford.
The story revolves around a guy (Ben Leeming) who starts to hallucinate a dark shadowed figure after taking some pills. The hallucinations get worse as the story unfolds, but who or what is this figure!?
Find out below:

I play a minor part in this film. Acting is not my strong point, so don’t judge!
I am really happy with the outcome of this film. Especially since we used our own DLSR cameras to film it with.
I hope to film more short films in the future!

Coldside Promotional Video

Here is a video i was involved in creating for a hip hop group called Coldside from Manchester.
I wasn’t available for the shoot, which i was gutted about, since i was a last minute decision to film. But i was involved in the editing process and the outcome was really good!
Check it out here:

Comments and Feedback welcome!

Rum and Bass

Rum and Bass

Rum and Bass is a fortnightly run night in Manchester providing the best in Bass Heavy House music. It has currently had 4 massive nights already, selling out in advance each and every time. It is the night that is on every students radar at the moment, and i am proud to say that i am a part of it!
I currently hold a residency there, and have played every night they have had. I’ve enjoyed every minute of playing my sets at Antwerp Mansion in Fallowfield, where the night is held.
Before i was involved with this night, i was playing commercial music to a crowd that really didn’t care about the music. They just wanted to go out, get drunk, have a good time and hear the music they know. Where as ‘Rum and Bass’ is a night i have always been searching for! The crowd is always up on the dance floor, loving every tune you drop, and always making you feel welcome!
Here is a promotional video of the second night that we have done at Antwerp (Note: little appearance from me at 18 seconds).

Ben James and Jack Davies are also resident Djs at Rum and Bass. Aswell as being really great guys, they are also fantastic DJs, they know how to get a crowd moving!
Ben James is the guy behind the whole Rum and Bass madness, putting everything on the line to make Rum and Bass a massive success! He has some big plans for the future of this brand, and im really looking forward to it!

Here is my live DJ set from the 16th March from Rum and Bass at Antwerp Mansion (best night yet!!):

Please come down to this night if you can.
It will be up and running again after the Easter break! Everyone should come down and party!

24 Hour Media Fast

Another task we had to do for university, was the 24 hour media fast.
This means that we had to go 24 hours without any sort of media, this includes:

Ive just completed the task myself, and i have done a little video to say how i got on:

Yes i did fail!
Going 24 hours without media was too hard. In this day an age, everything is media related!
You can only entertain yourself for so long before you give in. To stay away from the media at first, my plan was to go out and meet people so that i wouldn’t be stuck in, messing with my music (either practicing Djing or making a tune using my laptop!).
I could of cheated and started my media fast at 12 o’clock the previous night giving me a total of 18 hours with no media! But that would of been no fun! I wanted to try it properly… but in the end, i knew it would happen!
Im an addict… but i wouldn’t be doing a ‘Professional Sound and Video Technology’ course if i wasn’t now, would i? 😉

Radio Game Idea

I recently had an idea for a game show that could appear on radio. Well.. 2 ideas that could appear on radio but they are different variations of each other.
Both game show ideas would have to appear later on at night, when people are listening to radio in their house (or early on in the morning before driving to work), as they both involve using videos to interact with the audience. I know this limits the audience but with technology nowadays, people can watch the videos from their tablet or phone while listening to the radio, so it doesn’t limit them too much.

The first idea was ‘Youtube On Mute’.
Here is a video of some young boys lip syncing:

If you mute the video, then this itself turns into a game. As the listeners have to figure out what song they are lip syncing. This could be a little tricky, but it could be fun at the same time, with people guessing a variety of songs!
My initial idea was just to have the lips of a person close up, so the people watching the video, only had their lips to focus on to figure the song out, but i couldn’t find a video (i wasn’t doing this myself!).
Listeners could then tweet, facebook, phone or email in the answer. If they get it right, then they would get to choose the next song.

Another idea i had was ‘Musical Charades’.
This is very similar to the above idea but incorporates actions as well as lip syncing (or not, the person in the video could just act out the song without moving his lips).
Here is a little example of one in this video from 1.48 to 2.00:

This could be funny and entertaining. As the person in the video could be doing some really stupid things to act out the lyrics to the songs.
Again if the listener gets the answer right, they get to pick the next song.

When the radio show interviews celebrity guests on their show, they could also do a video for this game show (either miming or dancing around to the music playing musical charades). This would get more people involved too, as audiences love to see their favorite celebrity’s doing something daft.

Its a very basic idea at the moment, but this could be expanded on, to make a brilliant night time (or morning time) show that could get everyone involved. They could also do special shows, where the listeners make the lip syncing video themselves for other people to guess!

Red Nose Day Challenge

Last week we was set the task of coming up with a piece of spreadable media for Red Nose day, that would help raise awareness that Nick Grimshaw was going to try raise £1,000,000 for charity on his morning Radio 1 breakfast show.
I decided to try create a video for this using David Attenborough’s voice over clips of Nick Grimshaw doing crazy things. It didn’t work out as much as i had hoped it too, but i did the best i could!
Here is the video i created:

I hope you like it.
If you would like to find out how Nick Grimshaw got on, check out the BBC Radio 1 website here:

Here is a video of Nick Grimshaw getting covered in Meal Worms on the show:

Dragonball Z Scream Supercut!

Hey there guys,
I just thought id post up my supercut video that i have done for University.
Its a collection of screams from the Dragonball Z anime series.
I’m a big fan of anime, and the first anime i saw was Dragonball Z. It still is to this day, my favourite show!
The idea behind the supercut was that in Dragonball Z, most of the time, they are screaming. Either powering up, screaming as they are being hit or blown up… or.. just screaming for fun it seems!
I have also added a twist to this video by introducing the popular meme ‘It’s Over 9000!!’ that has over 8 million views on youtube!
I hope you enjoy the video!
Check it out below:

If you like what you see, Please comment and like this post 🙂
I would love a comment on youtube too!
Thank You!

Crazy CV idea to grab employers attention!

After Friday’s lecture with Naomi Timperley (which again, was very interesting, got me actually using twitter!) we got set the task of trying to come up with a crazy CV idea that would grab employers attention when going for a dream job.
In the lecture, we got shown a host of ideas on the internet that has already been created or used, such as standard CV being turned into something more graphical and creative:

To using QR codes, to show a video of the potential employee:

To the other extreme of going viral with your video on youtube to get your dream job like Matthew Epstien:

This got me thinking. What would i like to do as my dream job???
I love music and audio… so i think i want to go somewhere in this field (yet i still don’t know!).
So then i thought to myself… if i were to go for a job in this area, how could i grab their attention???

After a long day at work today, an idea sprung to mind! (Work at Mcdonalds part time… plenty of time to day dream…)

I thought of all the areas of audio, and then i thought of the most important thing… which is a monitor speaker. Without these, sound/audio would never be heard. So my idea would be to send a potential employer a mini speaker!
This mini speaker would enable the employer to be able to listen to the CV rather than them have to read a CV. Not only this, but i would be able to demonstrate my abilities in audio, by playing them music that i may have mixed or mastered in the past (if i was going for a studio engineer role for example).
You could just send the employer a CD, that they could put in their computer, and then they could play the audio examples from there own speakers, but his would be no fun and wouldn’t stand out….RIGHT?

But then it accorded to me, how would i be able to achieve this idea???

This is when my handy little freebie came into play.
Mini Speaker

This right here, is a free pringles mini speaker i have had for a while now (don’t ask where i got it!). It runs off batteries and has a mini jack lead, that you can plug into an mp3 player or phone.
So i had the idea of attaching this speaker, to a cheap mp3 player (something along the lines of this:

Then this mp3 player, would have the mp3 file of the pre-recorded message of me saying my skills, past experience etc and also audio examples of my work, that would play through the mini speaker (or mini pringles speaker!).

Taking it one step further, would to have this speaker and mp3 encased in a speaker container so resemble a real speaker so it looks more professional. Like this:

The employer would be set instructions just to hit play, or the employer would also be sent a paper copy of my CV along with instructions on what to do with the speaker.

Anyway, i hope you get the idea. It’s a bit crazy, but may work!!
I hope you like it! Please share and comment, i would much appreciate it!

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